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Education and information about types of water contamination related to agricultural water use, agricultural runoff, feeding operations, pesticides, fertilizer

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Point and Nonpoint Pollution Sources In the simplest of terms, a pollutant is a substance that enters the environment and elevates the “natural” background

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Education and information about water quality, water testing, water regulation, water standards, water contamination, and consumer confidence reports.

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Disease causing agents include viruses and bacteria, protozoa, worms and now dinoflagellates and diatoms that either enter from domestic sewage

The chemicals found in ordinary tap water are known to be very common. Public drinking analysis done by experts have uncovered that tap water contains over 2000

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Non-point source (NPS) pollution includes both water and air pollution from diffuse sources. Non-point source water pollution affects a water body from sources such

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Water pollution is not a major problem nationally, although it can be a source of concern in some localities. Major causes of water pollution in Canada include acid

Water Pollution: Freshwater. Freshwater pollution is the contamination of inland water (not saline) with substances that make it unfit for its natural or intended use.

Drinking water, including bottled water, may reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants. U.S. EPA sets standards for approximately

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