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FEMALE RUSSIAN NAMES: ADA: adornment: AGAFYA: love: AGATA: good: AGLAYA: beauty: AGNESSA: chaste: AGRAFENA: this name was borne by the mother of emperor Nero.

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Meanings and Origins of Female Russian Names. 1 ] [ 2] RAISA (Раи́са): Russian name meaning “easy

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Biography Early years. Vertov was born David Abelevich Kaufman (Russian: Дави́д А́белевич Ка́уфман) into a family of Jewish lineage in

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A list of Russian Names for teens. Includes original name in Russian, English translation, pronunciation, and meaning.

Meanings and Origins of Female Russian Names. 1] [2 ] ADELA DA (Аделаи́да): Russian form of Old High German Adalhaid, meaning

The Mosin Nagant rifle describes a series of rifles that served Russia (and later the Soviet Union) and its client states for many years. The first model was issued

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The Alexandrinsky Theatre building, created by K. Rossi, is one of the outstanding samples of Russian Classicism. It plays the main part in the ensemble of

Russian Names in English (English Text) The text of this article is in English. See Russian Names in English (Russian Text) for the text in Russian.

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MELOR Мэлор m Russian Acronym of Marx Engels Lenin October Revolution. This name commemorates the creation of the former Soviet state.

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